"You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a nutritional deficiency."  - Linus Pauling, PhD.


Services & Pricing

Ozone Health Treatments, Dental Services and Periodontal Treatments

Ozone Therapy Services- Book Now

Ozone Therapy Consultation - $50 New patient special!
40 minutes- Discuss wellness goals as Ozone applications can be applied 1 - 3 times per week for mild to moderate conditions. Please consult with your ozone therapist to determine what application(s) would best suit your individual needs. Most O3 treatment plans involve 8-12 sessions to regain wellness sometimes 8-20 sessions for various therapy protocols.

In Ozone therapies; there is 6 methods of ozone treatment: 

1. Intravenous infusions with ozonated saline solution  (O3SS)

2. Rectal Insufflations ~ Vaginal Insufflations. (RI, VI)

3. Subcutaneous Microinjections with O3/O2 mixtures 

4. Major Autohemotherapy  (MAH)

5. Minor Autohemotherapy  (MiAHT)

6. Stimulation of Bioloigical Active Points with O3/O2 injections  (BAPS)

           ....these methods are the successful and approved routes of medicinal Ozone Therapy according to the "Madrid Declaration of Ozone Therapy' 

O2/O3 Ozone Sauna  session - $85
45 minutes 
Relax and unwind in our Ozone sauna. *SaunaPackage discounts available - please enquire.

Intestinal or Vaginal Insufflation

Starter kit - teflon ozone enema bag and silicone catheter. $80                                                                    Ozone Bag fill/refill  $40

Ear Insufflation, Limb bagging or Cupping All applications $3 per min.  

Ear session:  average 1-3 minutes.  Average Limb Bag session: 15-20 minutes 

Leg/ Arm Limb Bag - teflon ozone bag with cuff  $80

BAPS, Subcutaneous Wellness or MiAHT:  $45 each

PurO3 Ozonated Oil

For take home use. Please enquire.

Ozonated Water freshly brewed - $30/litre  
For Consumption/ Internal cleansing.

IonCleanse Foot Bath - $60
25 minutes - Foot soak that draws out toxins and impurities from the body.

Dental Services - Book Online Here

Oral Health Consultations- $75 

45 minutes - For all new patients. A complete review of medical and dental conditions, includes Oral Cancer screening, Periodontal Charting, Biofilm Analysis, Nutritional & pH review, and Oral Hygiene Care Instructions, Preventive Oral Health Treatment Plan.

Biological Dental Hygiene - $150
45 minutes -1 hour   A professional teeth cleaning procedure that includes scale and polish to remove all biofilm, calculus and stains, along with ozonated water disinfection. Home-care prevention options discussed. For patients that have seen our Bio Hygienist before or for patients that have had a teeth cleaning within the last 2 months.  

Child Prophylaxis - $65
30 minutes - Gentle clean and polish for children 2-15 year olds. Removal of all biofilm, calculus, and stains from the teeth. Assessment of teeth for decay and alignment with referral recommendations.  Personalised home-care plans and prevention options. For those young patients who don't sit well at the DHB clinic, or require more than one cleaning per year.  

Orthodontic Prophylaxis - $85 
30 minutes- A teeth cleaning and air polish treatment around orthodontic braces. Includes removal of all biofilm/plaque, tartar/calculus, and staining from around teeth and appliances, using ozonated water. Personalised home-care plan and prevention options.

Dental Air Polishing -   $85
25 minutes- For removal of biofilm, young calculus, great for removing heavy stains.

 Whitening take-home kits  - $ 450
20 mins- Includes a Dental Hygiene polish, with 2 visits required.

Periodontal Services  Book In Now - Click Here

Periodontal Therapy - $180
75 minutes - Moderate to extensive scaling and removal of Biofilm (plaque), Calculus (tartar) from root surfaces of teeth and below the gum line to treat and prevent Periodontal Disease (gum disease). Moderate amount of build up and biofilm present. Includes any necessary charting, anaesthetics, O3 therapy, personalised home-care plan/prevention options. 

Periodontal Maintenance - $145
60 minutes - Periodontal teeth cleaning procedures; suited for those dealing with active periodontal disease. Periodontally involved patients may require regular gingival detoxifying therapy every 3-4 months. This procedures gives the patient all the benefits of routine dental hygiene treatment with the added services of periodontal health monitoring, ozone therapy and progress reporting back to the patients main dental provider. quarterly visits  

Sensitive teeth treatment - $25-60  

A treatment to help reduce sensitivity of teeth and root surfaces. This procedure helps to desensitise the clinical crown or root systems of teeth with ozone application to teeth structures, above and below the gum-line. Great for suspicious areas of possible decay starting in areas of the pits and fissures of teeth, as well as, on the root surfaces.